Idaho’s District 14 is comprised of the northwest corner of Ada County including Eagle and Star.

District 14 Democratic Party Leadership

District Chair: Stan Johnson

District 14 Events
Events will be updated as we get them.

District 14 Precincts
Precincts are the smallest political units we have (what precinct do I live in?).  Democratic precinct committeepersons (PCs) are elected by the citizens of their precinct and charged with connecting the people in their precinct to the Democratic Party and the Party to the people. Use the contact form below to see how you can get involved at this grassroot level. See a vacancy in your precinct? Please contact your District Chair and discuss how you might be able to fill this crucial position!

1401: Vacant

1402: Vacant

1403: Vacant

1404: Vacant

1405: Vacant

1406: Vacant

1407: Miranda Gold

1408: James Piotrowski

1409: Helen Carter

1410: Bob Spencer

1411: Vacant

1412: Vacant

1413: Irwin Horowitz

1414: Aaron White

1415: Vacant

1416: Karen McAlister

1417: Vacant

1418: Vacant

1419: Vacant

Volunteer for District 14
Use the form below to contact District 14 about volunteering or use the Volunteer form here


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