On the evening of December 20th, 2017 at the monthly meeting of the Ada County Democratic Central Committee, party officials passed a resolution to support the Medicaid Initiative Petition organized by the group, Reclaim Idaho.  The committee agreed to participate in this major effort to collect sufficient signatures from registered voters to place the measure on the November ballot.  The committeemen understand that healthy people are better parents, better neighbors and more productive workers.

The committee recognized the compelling logic that approximately 78,000 Idahoans can have medical coverage if Idaho will simply accept the estimated $500,000,000 annual federal appropriation for expanded Medicaid.  The 10% state program match will be almost completely offset by the saving of many millions in state and county funds currently required under state law to pay medical costs of certain indigent individuals.

Many Idahoans are aware of the failure of the Idaho Legislature during the past four years to authorize Medicaid coverage to thousands of our most vulnerable citizens—those under 65 whose modified adjusted gross income is 133 percent or less of the federal poverty level.  Surveys have long indicated that a majority of Idaho voters favor state action to expand coverage to this population as authorized by federal law.  Voters are aware of the needless suffering and death of financially destitute Ada county citizens who are presently deprived of Medicaid coverage.  They are also aware of the thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars that Idaho’s failure to participate has cost our state economy.

Support of the initiative petition from Ada County voters will be absolutely critical to its success.  It is important that citizens understand this effort completely transcends partisan politics—illness visits all political parties. Therefore, the committee also challenged the Chair of the Ada County Republican Party to urge all members to join us in securing signatures in support of the Initiative.


To learn more about this petition, visit https://medicaidforidaho.org/. The best way to join this initiative is to contact the petition’s county representative, Sam Sandmire (samsandmireidaho@gmail.com).